IntelStruct Objectives

Infrastructure systems deteriorate while in service due to routine use and exposure to extreme conditions (e.g., corrosive environment and dynamic loads). Serviceability of infrastructure and raising sufficient funding to repair and replace them is challenging. In order to optimise the maintenance, long-term reliability and life-cycle cost of infrastructure systems, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) provides valuable information for engineers and decision makers in government.

This project will establish long-term UK-Indonesia collaboration on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) whilst simultaneously developing links between research community and SHM industry to improve maintenance and ensure the integrity of infrastructure.

IntelStruct programme has a number of intimately linked components:

  • A research programme; addressing the real needs of the sector and solving real life problems related to monitoring and post-processing of the recorded data from infrastructure. In this case, Suramadu Bridge has been selected.
  • A support programme; developing a guideline for practical use in SHM and maintenance of monitoring system
  • An education and training programme; focusing on developing capacity at university and technician level in support of the development of the SHM
  • A database programme; to collect, post-process and store data from infrastructure for future studies and tracking the health of a system.

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